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Access reliable analysis and visualisations of core Austender data.

The most reliable tool for looking at AusTender data.


Our commitment to continuous improvement means we are always open to feedback, custom requests and bespoke solutions.

Find information quickly and efficiently on your handheld device. Look for trends and create visually-appealing charts that look great in meetings.

Save time

Access published procurement data with our custom search tools and create easy to read charts.

Situational awareness
Search by department, category or branch to compare suppliers and gain better insights of the market. Our  charts make it easy to spot top performers across all suppliers.
Actionable intelligence
Use AusTender Insights to make well-informed decisions, audits and performance reports.
Trend analysis
Monitor changes to procurement trends over time to respond to market forces.
Track amendments
AusTender Insights not only lets you  access all contracts awarded but amendments made. 
Advanced analysis
For more in-depth analysis and data visualisations, AusTender Insights can customise it for your specific needs. 

Why are we doing this?

The Australian Government’s AusTender website provides centralised publication of business opportunities, annual procurement plans and awarded contracts. However, we wanted more, we wanted to unlock the hidden power and insights within the data.

Data Ventures created AusTender Insights out of our requirement to make sense of AusTender data. We quickly realised after working with a few clients that there was a big interest in this tool across a range of industries. Small and Medium Enterprise businesses use the tool to monitor market trends, media outlets use it as an investigative research tool and private users look for market trends in the data.

Mobile friendly interface
Lightning fast analysis and visualisations*

* some visualisations require third party tools.